Monday, December 10, 2012

Travis Hawkins Jr. Pleads Not Guilty In Savage Bias-Motivated Attack On Mallory Owens; New Details Reveal Hawkins And Father Arrested December 6 For Harassing Communications

In Mobile, Alabama, despite comments from various witnesses, including his parents, Travis Hawkins Jr. pleaded not guilty today in the Thanksgiving Day beating of Mallory Owens. The 18-year-old submitted the plea through his attorney, Jim Byrd. He did not appear in court. Hawkins was arrested and charged with second-degree assault on November 25 after witnesses said he beat Owens, 23, after Thanksgiving dinner at his parents' house. According to a police report, Owens's injuries were so severe that she was knocked unconscious during the attack. She was treated at the University of South Alabama Medical Center for skull fractures and broken bones, among other injuries. At a November 27 press conference, Travis Hawkins Jr.'s father, 42-year-old Travis Hawkins Sr., said his son was responsible for Owens's injuries. Travis Hawkins Sr. said he was the one to push Travis Hawkins Jr. off Owens during the attack, in line with a statement from Avery Godwin, Owens's sister. Travis Hawkins Sr., 42, was arrested and charged with harassing communications on December 6, 2012. However, Byrd insisted Travis Hawkins Jr. is not guilty in the assault and requested a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute Travis Hawkins Jr. "With people under oath, hopefully they'll tell the truth," Byrd said. Judge Bob Sherling scheduled Travis Hawkins Jr. for a preliminary hearing on January 22 in the Owens case. Travis Hawkins Jr. will also be in court on January 14 on separate charges. Travis Hawkins Jr. and Travis Hawkins Sr. were arrested and charged with harassment on December 6, according to booking records from Mobile County Metro Jail. According to WALA, Owens's mother Kristi Taylor reported she received threats from the pair. Shortly after the attack, Avery Godwin, Owens's sister, said she got a call from Hawkins threatening "that he would finish what he started last night [the night after the attack] with Mallory." Byrd said, "It's bizarre.”

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