Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Victim Of Horrific Thanksgiving Attack At Hands Of Travis Hawkins Jr., Mallory Owens Is Returned To Hospital

Yet another update on a previous post: In Mobile, Alabama, Mallory Owens went to the emergency room early Thursday morning, complaining of head pain, dizziness and disorientation stemming from the Thanksgiving beating that left her with skull fractures and crushed bones. "I think she was released too early," said Kristi Taylor, Owens's mother. "She has a lot of head trauma." Owens was released from the hospital on Monday and has no health insurance. According to Taylor, her daughter suffered a small brain bleed and a severe concussion after witnesses said she was attacked by Travis Hawkins Jr. after Thanksgiving dinner at his parent's house. Owens was celebrating with the family because her girlfriend, Ally Hawkins, is Travis Hawkins Junior’s sister. After the attack Owens was treated at the University of South Alabama Medical Center with multiple skull fractures and crushed bones. She had to get metal plates put into her cheeks and will have to consult a plastic surgeon because of her injuries. The Hawkins family said Owens was staying at the Hawkins home -- which was also the scene of the attack -- immediately after she was released from the hospital. Owens is now staying at her apartment, according to Taylor. Travis Hawkins Jr. was arrested Sunday and charged with second-degree assault. He has since been released on bail. People across the nation have called for more serious charges against Travis Hawkins Jr. A petition on with nearly 90,000 signatures says the severity of Owens's injuries should at least point to attempted murder. However, Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said second-degree assault fits the facts of the case. "In attempted murder, we have to prove he [Travis Hawkins Jr.] intended to kill her [Owens]," Rich said. Evidence, including witness and victim statements, does not indicate intent to kill, according to Rich. "There's no doubt he intended to injure her," Rich said. Doctors told Taylor her daughter will continue to experience dizziness and ringing in her ears as she recovers from her concussion. "It's been a whirlwind, I'm dazed," Taylor said. "We are so grateful for all of the support we've gotten from the public. It's overwhelming." To help pay Owens's medical bills, her family has started a donation account. Anyone interested in sending donations can do so at any Regions Bank.

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