Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Republicans Condemn Lunatic Illinois Senate Candidate, Vidari DeGuzman, Peter Tatchell Is So Sour, Sam Worthington Nude, Ben Barnes Nude, Zachary Quinto, David Beckham Italia Style

The Republican Party has condemned political nuisance Andy Martin, the candidate running for the Illinois Senate seat left vacant by Barack Obama, who Monday ran an ad questioning the sexual orientation of the presumptive winner, Representative Mark Kirk. Martin, straight face no less, suggests his information for the advertisement is based on a “solid rumor on the Internet,” Martin claiming Kirk “lives in some kind of Animal House in Washington with another gay congressman.” Martin, whom the GOP says “demeans the political process,” was denied admission to the Illinois Bar, refused the right to practice law in the state, because of a “moderately severe character defect” who unsuccessfully campaigned for Congress running on the “eliminate the Jew in America” ticket.

A profile of Vidari DeGuzman, a 24 year old who identifies as “transmasculine.”

Why does the almost always self-aggrandizing Peter Tatchell loathe Quentin Crisp, and more to the point, please make him stop.

Sexy Sam Worthington and his nicely naked butt.

The beautiful Ben Barnes, an adaption of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, nudity, and some smoking sexy man on man action, the linked site NSFW.

Zachary Quinto, Sunday, après yoga, a man of international mystery and sex appeal.

Zachary Quinto Keeps His Mind and Body Fit With Yoga!

The equally beautiful David Beckham returns to Milan, Italy, to join AC Milan, beginning another six month tenure with the team.

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