Friday, June 12, 2009

Dustin Lance Black Sex Stills

Just to be clear so I can stop checking my email every second or so, yes I have seen the pictures of Dustin Lance Black, that were leaked by a miscreant, and no I am not going to post them. I consider Lance to be a friend, but more to the point, the pictures, stills taken from a video that was made and is about to be leaked as well, were made presumably in private and not for the raw consumption of the faceless masses that is the internet. There has been a discussion about the photos and video for more than a week now, started by an ex-boyfriend of Lance’s, who sent me a random email, which I would gladly share, enquiring if I knew how to go about leaking them to the highest bidder. Honestly, the entire episode is such a complete corruption of what is private and what is public, as well as the utter display of vulgarity is something that, at this point, I will not participate in. Perez Hilton might – and to be clear, he paid for them, dearly – but I’m not Perez Hilton, as in I am not needy and require the approval and attention of many to somehow validate my character and my work.

If there were lessons to be culled, it would be one, never tape sex with strangers and by strangers I mean someone you cannot trust implicitly, two, turn your cell phone off, and three, unprotected sex with someone who is a stranger is never the best idea.


acciojosh said...

I agree with you about the sad state of the world in which this type of thing is done. It is terrible that sex videos of celebs are posted, however they are not limited to celebs. Unfortunately, this type of thing happens every day to every type of person, but usually not for such profit. Though Dustin has done quite a lot for the gay community, he's put himself out there. Now, everything he's done is going to be used in the media for as long as he's popular. I don't actually blame Perez Hilton, because he's doing what makes him famous. He's made it his job to be a celebrity goss guru, so he does what he does to keep himself popular and well paid. He wasn't even the first, just the most vocal. I personally feel that Dustin should make the best of this. Do not apologise for this in any way. He's done nothing wrong, and the public already knew he was gay so this video is just a tragic crossing of the privacy line on the part of the person he shared this intimate moment with. The person to blame would be this ex, who is obviously a shameless person who hopefully really needed the money to do something so horribly cruel to a man who has done so much for the world. I don't personally feel this will impact Dustin's career negatively, because it isn't shocking as everyone knew he was gay, and being 34 he's bound to be sexually active. The only people who will have a problem are those that already would have just seeing photos of him snogging someone. If you are a friend of his, stand by him and help him to deal with it, but please make sure he does this the right way. If he apologises, it will make it a negative mark to his career. Instead, take the high road and use it to advocate better 'safe sex' eductation or something. He also shouldn't take this out on Perez Hilton either, as that would only make it look as though he's trying to distract us. Own this, and he'll come through looking better; try to deny it or point away and he'll come out negatively. He's a beautiful person, and he should try and feel honoured that he's famous enough to have someone pay so much for his private life (little compensation, I know, but it is flattering in some ways).

Christopher said...

I don't blame Perez Hilton for posting the pictures -- that's his job.

If you're a high profile person and you don't want to see yourself in an compromising spot in the blogoshere, don't film yourself having sex.

It's like the ultimate, duh.

Office Manager said...

Where in anyone's job description does it say... "MUST LEAK SENSITIVE PHOTOGRAPHS OF TWO PEOPLE HAVING SEX"

Mario Lavendera is the lowest form of life and with this, I hope more and more people stop going to his site. I stopped going three months ago.